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How safe are your windows?


Don't let your windows let in anything other than fresh air, use this information to keep them secured:



Wooden casement


• Get locks that secure the frames together, avoid those that just secure the handle or stay bar.


• Fit mortice rack bolts for windows that are flush to the frame


• Secure wooden casements in the open position for ventilation and child safe


• If replacing your windows, look for the BS 7950 kite mark


Wooden sliding sash


• Use sash stops, fit in pairs, for extra security


• Consider the dual screw lock to bolt the two sashes together


• For newer tilt-to-clean sliding sashes use sash stops and dial screws


Metal Crittal


• Secure either the window or the handle to prevent opening


• Use a fanlight lock to secure the fanlight window




• Most manufacturers fit a locking handle but this alone is not secure enough


• Fit extra locks but ensure there is enough metal around the window to fit the lock without contacting the glass


• With sliding horizontal aluminium windows use a key operated clamp on the bottom rail of the frame


• To prevent the slider being lifted, fit a wooden block into the track above the slider




• It may not be possible to fit extra locks to UPVC windows as material used may not be strong enough


• Choose to buy a system that comes with a double glazed window locking system


• For locking systems, choose either a espagnolette, or multi-point, locking system, or a deadlock shoot bolt


• Choose windows fitted with an internal beading system so the glass cannot be removed from the outside


• Look for the BS 7950 kite mark


Leaded windows


• These are only truly secure if you fit laminated glazing, polycarbonate sheeting or internal grilles.

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