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If you are Interested in joining us and supporting our NHW group and want to know more,  send us an email using the 'CONTACT' page and  we will be pleased to meet you and speak about what is involved.


At the moment we have upwards of 125 street coordinators in our scheme looking after many hundreds of homes and families throught our area, but there is always room for more.


Ideally we like to recruit as many street coordinators as possible, each covering the street(s) and neighbours in the area where they live.  If the streets where you are are a bit too long for one person then you could just look after a part of your street either side of your own home. 


If you just want to become a member and there there is already a street coordinators nearby then we will introduce you to them and between us we will provide you with the support you need to get started as a new member.


Don't delay contact us now and you will be part of the largest volunteer scheme in the UK!

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