If you are unsure whether your front door, back door or patio doors are secure enough to prevent intruders, use this quick checklist to find out how safe they really are.



• Do not leave keys hanging inside the letterbox, under plant pots or doormats

– these are the first places a burglar will check

• Locks and bolts are only as good as the doors they are fitted to. 
Make sure weak rotten woodwork is replaced, and that the frame is well fixed.


Front door

• Five lever mortice deadlock (if door over 44mm)

– check they are British Standard 3621 or European Standard EN12209

• Avoid glazed panels, replace with toughened glass or laminated glass panels

• Fit a spy hole

• Fit a door chain or limiter

• Check hinges are secure - use good long screws and consider hinge bolts

Letter boxes

• Install them no closer than 400 mm from the door lock

• Never fit a letter box to the bottom rail of a door

• Consider an internal cover plate or letter basket (with the bottom removed to prevent mail theft)

Back door

• Use 5 lever 2 bolt sash lock halfway up the door (British Standard 3621 or European Standard EN 12209)

• Supplement sash lock with mortice rack bolts at the top and bottom of the door

• Avoid glass panels, use laminated panels fitted from the inside and consider grilles as well

French doors (a burglar's favourite!)

• Use mortice rack bolts

• Or, consider surface-mounted locking bolts

• For extra security, consider mortice sash locks

• If your doors open outwards, use hinge bolts

Patio doors (a burglar's favourite!)

• Use extra locks if not fitted with a multi-locking system

• Anti-lift devices to avoid door being lifted from its track


Wooden Doors


• British standard nightlatch - this is used to make sure the lock is dead locked

• Mortice deadlock - Frameguard: London bar: fits round the yale lock and straight down frame. Brum bar: flat strip lock in the middle of the door frame

• Hinge bolts: fit a hinge side below and above hinges of wooden doors

• Lock guard over mortice lock. This prevents door from splitting out (stops anyone being able to jam door)

UPVC doors

• Multi-lock three point locking system, 2 hooks, 1 top and bottom of the frame, with a latch and deadlock in the middle of the door

• You can't fit anymore locks to UPVC doors due to the structure of the door

• Consider using a small window alarm which beeps when you enter the room

• Letterbox cage: fits to the back of a letterbox, needs a padlock to keep it secured

• Letterbox homeguard: which is made of a fire retardant material. So can resist fire if a firework is put through the door,

and also blocks people getting in