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A few tips to protect your car from thieves. 

  • Possesions - Never leave anything of value in your vehicle, e.g. Satnav, purse/ walet, mobile phone, loose change, tools etc. 


  • Locks - Never leave your vechile unlocked overnight. 


  • Deadlocks - These stop your door from opening and are set when you lock your car, even if a thief attempts to smash your window and open the door from the inside. 


  • Marking - While you can etch your glazing with the vehicle identification number, a better way to mark your car is with a traceability scheme. This means that your car glass and other parts are marked and recorded on a secure database, which can be cross checked by future buyers to check the car isn’t stolen. 


  • Stereo security - Make sure your stereo is pin-coded, vehicle specific (which means it won't work in another car) or multi-part – where the display is separate from the audio unit. 


  • Locking wheel nuts - Especially important if you have alloys, go for locking wheel nuts with a laser-cut groove. 


  • Tracking devices - Particularly relevant for expensive high-end cars – this is invaluable if the car is stolen, and works as an excellent deterrent. Remember that most tracking devices are subscription based, so you need to pay for it annually. 


  • Locks - Always lock your car doors and boot and make sure the windows are closed when you leave your car – even if just for a short time, such as paying for petrol. A lockable bollard or a wheel clamp used at home, will also make life harder for thieves.


  • Immobilisers - Most new cars are fitted as standard with an immobiliser. If you have an older car, consider having one retro-fitted or use a mechanical immobiliser, locked across the steering wheel to prevent it turning. 


  • Number plates - Number plate theft is more common than you think, and it means you could end up paying for parking and driving fines for offences you didn't commit. Consider buying theft-resistant number plates when the car is first registered. 


  • Enhanced protection glazing - This aims to prevent smash-and-grab car theft by opportunists. It's a laminated glass that can be fitted on all windows (including side windows) and the noise and time it takes to break this glass will in many cases be enough to deter a time sensitive thief. This glass also reduces interior noise and blocks UV light, and may also reduce the severity of a crash by stopping passengers being thrown out of the car.

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